Helpful Hints

  1. Adjustable leadouts by Robert Johnson>> Click here to Contact  Robert Johnson <<

  2. Wrapping Lines by Robert Johnson >> Click here to Contact  Robert Johnson <<

  3. How to sheet foam wings by Bill Ervin >> Click here to Contact Bill Ervin <<

  4. How To Make Monokote Hinges by Walter Umland

  5. how to make hollowed wingtips   by Walter Umland

  6. how to tint a canopy   (text doc.)     by Walter Umland

  7. how to Tint a canopy  (pdf file) by Walter Umland

  8. how to install Leather fillets  by Ty Marcucci for kits by Walter Umland

  9. how to make a Spring landing Gear  by AL Rabe

  10. Posting Pictures on Stuka Stunt Forum  by Walter Umland

  11. Builder Of the Model rule  copied from AMA site

  12. Building a Magnum by Walter Umland      Sig's Instruction book for the Magnum

  13. Using an Incidence Meter by: Robart MFG

  14. Hinge Point Hinges by: Robart MFG


Control line Rules

List of sites listing eligible models for Old Time Stunt & Classic Stunt

Rules Dave Day


>> Bill Calkins Balsa weight calculator <<


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