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By Eliott Scott

E.c. conversion by: W. Umland



Effective immediately the Sakitumi kits will now include a two piece, 1/8" music wire landing gear instead

of the aluminum landing gear that was previously included with the kit; this is because the previous supplier has

passed away and we are currently unable to replace the previous aluminum gear at a reasonable cost. We are truly sorry

for any inconvenience this may cause.

Easy to build, light and rigid construction due to the Geodetic design and very simple fuselage.

.35-.46 eng. | W.S. 55.50"  | W.A. 621 Sq. in.
Prototype weighs 38oz

The SAKITUMI is designed by: Eliott Scott. The E-conversion by Walter Umland.
Construction of the E.c. prototype was started and photographed by Walter Umland and then finished by Dennis Baer.

For more info on the "SAKITUMI" E.c. please click here

Click here to see Dennis Baer's finished model.


Price: 158.75 plus shipping (see cart options below)
Shipping to Canada is an additional: $15.00 for first class mail (when/if qualifies) $28.00 Priority mail.
All additional shipping charges for other International orders start at: $24.00 first class mail (if qualifies)
and will be applied. All Priority Mail shipment costs will need to be verified.


Wheel pants available for an additional $15.00

Vinyl decal available for an additional $7.99
(plus postage when not ordered with kit)



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click here for some building prototype photos

Click here to download an 8.5x11 Sakitumi outline, to pre-plan your paint and color scheme.

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* Updated 5/31/2015 *       Kits are available upon request.
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